Some Other Morning

by Khristian Mizzi

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released October 10, 2019

Produced by Kalju Tonuma
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering
Artwork, Photography & Concept by Kristy Arthurson
Graphic Design by Emma Thornhill

Khristian Mizzi - Voice, Guitar, Words
Megan Bernard - Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano
Jason Bunn - Viola
Lucy Warren - Violin
Matthew Hassall - Violin
Josephine Vains - Cello
Ben Franz - Pedal Steel
All String Arrangements by Jason Bunn


all rights reserved



Khristian Mizzi Melbourne, Australia

With a warm, lilting voice and an art for weaving beauty and truth into the words of each song, Khristian Mizzi  reaches the hearts of his audiences. Poetic lyrics, meandering melodies with a unique picking style.


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Track Name: Welcoming Song
I’ve been waiting for you
Like a moment of TRUTH
Now you’ve made it
And I’m nervous for words I wanna sing to you
You came here for something
And so did I
For a way to unplug
And to free ourselves from these troubling times
So switch off the T.V
And put down the phone
Come and dance with me babe
Hold me close while I sing you a song
Cause’ the night is still young
And we are where we belong

I wanna be honest with you
And you want something real
So in this beautiful room
Maybe together we could make a deal
If you open your heart and I open mine
Who knows where it goes
We could turn these waters into wine
I’m so glad to be here
So happy to feel this way
Wanna sing to the sky
Just for being alive another day
Thank you for being here, for being here with me
Thank you for coming out in the rain
Track Name: A Little Space
By the Yarra bank sits a pretty little town
There’s a golden, sunny glimmer on the waters of the river
Through its streets there is a trickling sound
It’s old and it’s romantic and I’m told there is still magic
In its trees there to be found
It was settled in the sixties by some artists who had fixed
These little cabins up from their chimneys to the ground
The men and women here built this town.
They were just looking for a little space
Looking for a pretty place to breathe again

These days, inner city livings getting pretty hard
Their doing million dollar bank loans for these little urban pack homes
And you don’t even get a hills hoist and a yard
All stacked up like tuna cans and the soundtrack is the traffic jams
Best get a miKi card to get around
It’s time to uproot, hire a mover, commute and buy a scooter
You can move a little further out of town
We’re all just following that little river down.
We’re all just looking for a little space
Looking for a pretty place to breathe again
This country is as rich as it is vast
There’s a lot of people saying how good it is to be Australian
Saying, whatever made it great is fading fast
So they’ve zoned off all the waters and they’ve shut down all the borders
To ensure no one gets past who don’t belong
Rounded up like criminals, these undrowned men and women
All but die upon our shores before too long
Crying out the chorus of a song
They are just looking for a little space
Looking for a pretty place to breathe again
Track Name: What Am I So Afraid Of
What am I so afraid of?
Is it that we’re so alike?
Or is it seeing what you’re made of
And finding something I don’t like?
It seems to me we want the same love
But love don’t always wait for time.
What am I so afraid of?
Why can’t I make you mine?
I’m not looking for some pure thing
I know nothings perfect all the time
And there’s nothing less assuring
Than when we don’t see eye to eye
But I know it’s worth enduring
Because I miss you when you’re gone
What am I so afraid of
When I know that you’re the one?
Cause’ letting go
Is so much easier to do
When hanging on
It means seeing hard things through
I’m not afraid of being alone
I’m more scared of being wrong
Cos you and I both know love is a gamble
I get so tired of concealing
And I get too shy to ask
But it’s that terrifying feeling
When happiness is in my grasp
Well I guess it’s just my way of
Protecting who I am
But what am I so afraid of
When I know that I’m your man.
Track Name: Some Other Morning
I step outside my cosy little kingdom
Skip down the stairs to meet the Melbourne grey haze
And the clouds are hanging low beneath the morning
With the threat of one more lost and forgettable day
And the students move like drunks along the footpath
Hypnotised or mindless, dragging sleepy feet behind
Oh, our little ones, so obliviously blissful
The worlds young soldiers falling into line

But who am I to look upon this morning
With judgement or concern, who am I?
Have I come to offer love,
Or am I the bringer of some kind of warning
Or am I simply mourning some other morning gone by

A songbird floats a tune across the daybreak
A lovers song that could drag tears from any eye
That like a snow flake in the air,
Dissolves in to the noisy highway
Just another tired voice sending its song of love
Into a world that won’t reply
The old man sweeps the dead leaves down the driveway
From a tree he planted so many years ago
And as the double storey town houses keep rising up around him
So many brand new neighbours,
Still he wonders why nobody says hello

Still who am I to look upon this morning
With frustration or despair, who am I
Am I that songbird from above
Sending words of love into the new day dawning
Or am I simply mourning some other morning gone by.
Track Name: The Bouquet
Well I heard from a friend of a friend of mine
That you and Gary got married last Valentines
Well I just choked down a breath, ordered more wine
As the news settled dark on my day
And I was thinking, surely you can’t know him too well
It’s been less than a year, as far as I can tell
Cause I can still feel you there, in the air of each day
Since I danced with you after you’d caught that bouquet
That night when the lanterns burned low and the feelings were high
And the sun went down over a lavender sky
You just kicked off your high heels and I loosened my tie
As the newlyweds both lead the way
We were so filled with romance and sparkling wine
And we slow danced as the old band played time after time
And right there, all my cares just unravelled away
To be dancing with the girl who’d just caught the bouquet
I never asked for your number, it never felt like the right time
And I don’t recall you ever asking for mine
But you held me like home, so brave and so fine
As the party just faded away
And all the glasses raised up, praising the fortunate groom
Still I was the luckiest guy in the room
To be moving so close in a three four sway
In the arms of the girl who’d just caught the bouquet
Those dreams that come in the night and disappear with the dawn
As I closed my eyes to your shimmering light, you were gone
The very next morning.
Now I’ve replayed it thousands of times in my mind
How does magic like that ever get left behind
Cause now you’re long gone, the ring’s on and the papers are signed
And you’re carrying Gary’s last name
I knew when you caught those white roses it was all meant to be
Still I believed somehow it would turn out to be me
Who would stand at your side to steal you away
And dance with you after you’d thrown your bouquet.
Track Name: Every Now and Then
Every now and then
I need a day of sleeping
Just to catch up on my dreaming
And to let my body lay
And it seems to happen when
These thoughts that keep repeating
Catch me on the edge of weeping
Until’ I cannot face the day
Every now and then
I hear the angels speaking
From a sunbeam shyly peaking
Casting silver onto grey
And it only happens when
I can stop my world from spinning
And I listen for the singing
As they sing my dreams awake
And the light from my eyes
Can’t help but turn from grey to blue
They do what they’ve learned to do
And they return to you
But every now and then
I can feel a darkness calling
As though the sky is slowly falling
Landing tangled and entwined
And it’s never, ever meant
To cause this much confusion
Though I know it’s an illusion
it feels so real inside my mind
It’s not all the time
Just every now and then.
Track Name: Outside Creeping In
Sparrows nesting in the awning
Winds are whistling through the wall
And the rains run like a fountain
Through the plaster in the hall
The ivy vines have breached the shingles
Their leafy tendrils, peeling back the tin
Sometimes it feels as though the outside
Is slowly creeping in.
I walk the grey soaked streets of Ringwood
In the forgotten parts of town
Where the old men still meet for coffee
And watch their old haunts being torn down
A wrecking ball slams through old memories
But these old guys you know, they just take it on the chin
Their hardened hearts have known the outside
Was always slowly creeping in.
Our house, so quiet in the evenings
We move in separate circles round’ the floor
Before she calls the children home for dinner
And they come bustling through the door
Spilling noisy stories from the schoolyard
And while we listen, we share a secret little grin
Both so thankful for the outside
That’s ever slowly creeping in.
It may not always be so welcomed,
But well, at least it keeps things interesting
When in the empty hours, the outside
Comes slowly creeping in.
Track Name: Laying With You
Sunrise comes bursting through the windows this morning
Gently coercing us, cursing and calling
Cause the whole world is working well into the day
And I’m here laying with you

And the traffic rolls back and forth, keeping its pace
Tries to distract me from your beautiful face
And like some great, ancient painting from some light years away
I lay and gaze into you

And I just want to be here with my whole body and mind
Time, just let me be here

Somewhere out in the street there’s people reading the news
They go on tapping their feet to keep from feeding those blues
And while the world sings along, my hands just don’t want to play
They wait here praying with you.

And I just want to be here with your whole body and mind
Time, just let me be here

Whatever is out there, where our bedroom ends
It’ll be there tomorrow to call us again
And I will spend the day dreaming in my usual way
That I’m here laying with you.
Track Name: The Plan
Who in the world knew a secret revealed,
That escaped them on their very first birthday?
It flowed through their bodies like water through sand
As we fell from our mothers into cold doctors hands
And then cleaned off and pinched so their lungs would expand
Oh but who in the world, remembers the plan?
And into the shadows of our fathers and mothers
And the heroes of our human achievements
But who inspires the masterpiece?
Was it he who orders the firing to cease
Or she who conjures the sermons from priests
Oh who in the world, remembers the plan
And we’ve grown to hear stories about heaven and hell
And of the reincarnation of loved ones
We’ve learned to abide by the judges advice
Cause he’s gonna find out who’s been naughty or nice
That a sin is only sin if the sinner sins twice
But to work hard cause idling hands are enticed
Oh but who in the world, remembers the plan
In the dawn of the day, while the people are dreaming
You can hear the pulse of the planet
As a child I would sing to her sweet refrain
Over and over and over again
In my youth I would listen as she screamed out in pain
Now as a man I hear nothing, though I try to in vain
Oh but who in the world, remembers the plan
Is it in the keeping of a happy home
Or in the teaching of all young children
Is it waiting by the phone for emergency calls
Is it helping your brother to his feet when he falls
Is it keeping all the evil behind prison walls
Is it whistling a tune while you’re busting your balls
Is it drawing the short straw for yourself every time
Is it knowing about your bible, every word, every rhyme
Is it standing for those beneath the poverty line
Or is it kneeling before some almighty divine
I don’t know.
Track Name: Water
Slow we go in to the world
Arms round me, round her
Only love can save us today
Only love can send us the way
Come into the water
You’re never alone
Make my heart your home

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